Monday, 18 February 2013

how to upload  any website to another  web hosting server ?
(1)first intall Filezilla FTP client side  software.(it is open source free)
(2)then  prepare your website   like images in image  folder and data in data folder and index.html or index.php as main page all linked pages inside a folder  like websitename
(3)when you run filezilla  it will ask for you host   ,username,password ,port  etc
(4)the type  host means your website address
(5)username and password will be given when you purchase domain name.
(6) enter it 
(7)the at left side you will find  local server and right side remote server which is hosting server.
(8)you just drag it  your website folder from  you localcomputer to  remote 
note first drag main page index.php  and all other linked pages to it then  image and data folder.
it is too easy.