Monday, 3 April 2017

Guest Blogging Strategies

How to find guest blogging opportunities

When you are searching for sites that are accepting guest contributors, your main objective is to find relevant sites to your niche and industry.
Below you’ll find the best ways to find sites that might accept you as a contributor.

1. Analyze and spy competitor’s backlinks

You can find lots of new opportunities to build backlinks and sites that are accepting guest posts, by analyzing the links of your competitors.
Grab your most important competitors, and search through their backlinks to see if they are doing guest blogging. If they do, add their URL to your Monitor Backlinks account to get a list of all their backlinks. Every ten days, you’ll get a report with the new backlinks they have built, so you can keep up with their guest blogging campaigns.
To find the best guest post opportunities using this method, you can sort their backlinks by their value. Use Domain Authority, MozRank, Page Authority and Ahrefs Rank.
As mentioned above, don’t waste your time writing for sites that have a lower domain authority than your site.

2. Use Google searches

Besides the popular guest blogging footprints like “keyword” + “Write for us”, you can use Google searches to find many more sites that are accepting guest posts. Below you’ll find the best guest post footprints to use in Google.
  • keyword “guest post opportunities”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”
  • keyword “contributor guidelines”
  • keyword “write for us”
  • keyword “write for”
  • keyword “add blog post”
  • keyword “submit an article”
  • keyword “send your article”
  • keyword “send your post”
  • keyword “bloggers wanted”
  • keyword “want to write for”
  • keyword “become an author”
  • keyword “become a contributor”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • intitle:guest post guidelines + keyword
  • intitle:guest-posts + keyword
  • intitle:write for us + keyword
You can use the ~ operator before your keywords to search for synonyms. For example, the search for “~animals”, will include words like “dogs”, “cats”, “horses”, etc.
You can also use custom phrases to search for your footprints inside titles or URLs. For example, intitle:write for us + keyword, will search for sites that have the words “write for us + your keyword” in their title tag. You can do the same to search on the URL, with inurl:write-for-us.
Play with all these footprints and be creative.

3. Search for the most popular blogs in your industry

You can send your pitch and ask to become a contributor even on sites that don’t have a “write for us” page. Often, these websites will be more valuable, and they will have a better impact on your SEO and send more referring traffic.
For virtually every niche, bloggers have created lists of the most popular blogs. To find these blogs, use these searches in Google:
  • top 100 blogs “keyword”
  • most popular blogs “keyword”
  • top blogs “keyword”
Here’s an example:

4. Check what other guest bloggers do

Once you find a reputable site that’s accepting guest contributors, grab the name of the last guest authors, and follow them on social media. Do some research to see for what other websites they wrote before.
You can also create a list on Twitter to follow them. Often, when they publish a new guest post, it will be shared on their social media profiles.


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