Friday, 24 July 2015

Appcelerator-Cross-Platform-for mobile Apps development step by step guidance

(1)First create email id  on   gmail   for  Appcelerator   &  make sign up with 
(2)then they will send you confirmation email go to your   &     confirm     it.

(3)After click on activate  link  go to make login on:

(4)after login into your  account just hit this url

 on  ur  address bar:

Click on 32 bit installer & download  .exe file for   Appcelerator   studio..

(5)And  Download the android  Sdk   into  your system from :

(6)And  then  After installation install     jdk  1.6   from  :

and after installation  open your  Appcelerator studio and 

 &    Try  your   first   demo   apps.....


and also try through  CLI (command line) using cmd in windows stystem..

·         1 Ensure that you have Node.JS installed.
If you aren't sure, you can download above or you can verify by running the following in your console:
node --version
If it works, you will see a version such as v0.10.37.
·         2 Install the Appcelerator CLI
The Appcelerator CLI is installed using Node's Package Manager (npm). Once installed, you can manage different versions of the Appcelerator software.
npm install appcelerator -g
Once installed, you can use either appcelerator or the shorthand appc from the console to run the CLI.
·         3 After installation, you need to run setup to kick things off.
appc setup
When you run setup, the following will happen:
·         If this is the first time installing the CLI, it will automatically download the latest version.
·         Once installed, you will be prompted to login using your Appcelerator credentials.
·         If this is the first time installing for a new computer, you will need to authorize with an authorization code. The authorization code will be delivered to either your email or SMS-enabled phone (if configured).
·         Once you have authorized your computer, you're ready to use the CLI!
·         4 Once you have things setup, you're ready to create your first project!
appc new
A few quick notes about the CLI:
·         You can get more logging by using the -l trace option.
·         If the CLI encouters an error, you should find a file named appc-problem.log in your current working directory where you ran the command. This file contains detailed diagnostic information which can help support resolve your issue.

Building mobile applications:!/guide/Appcelerator_CLI_Tasks-section-43306725_AppceleratorCLITasks-InstalltheCLI

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